Navigating the Nahanni

Thursday, April 25th • 5:30pm at Beaver Sports

A free slideshow presentation by Torre Jorgenson
with contributions from Janet Jorgenson, Don and Tracy Pendergrast, Bradof Fleener, & Donna Manders from their river trip navigating 267 river miles on the South Nahanni River which has been called the “GrandCanyon” of Canada.

During summer 2018, the six of them navigated 267 river miles over a three-week period. Highlights of the trip include Virginia Falls, four canyons up to 1000-m deep with challenging class 3 whitewater, side-canyon hikes, Rabbitkettle Lake, Tufa mounds, Hells Gate, Whitespray Springs, Kraus Hot Springs, and wood buffalo in camp. In the slideshow they discuss the history, ethnography, and
ecology of the region, as well as canoeing challenges, logistics, and culinary entertainment.

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