Covid-19 Protocol

The Beaver Sports Covid-19 Protocol

In Alaska, the spread of Covid-19 has been slower than most states, and we are truly lucky for that. To reduce further impact of the virus on our community, in the most effective way we can, we have outlined below the services and requirements we’ve instilled in our business since March 2020, recommended by local healthcare workers and the Center for Disease Control. We feel it is our duty to uphold these services in our store, for the health and prosperity of Fairbanks, AK.

Beaver Sports Covid-19 Mitigation

  1. All our employees have chosen to wear a mask while on the sales floor in consideration of our community.

  2. We have several hand sanitizer stations throughout the store.

  3. We have floor markings 6 feet apart throughout the store.

  4. We practice social distancing with customers.

  5. We offer curbside pickup and payment over the phone.

  6. We host all our big sales and events outdoors.

  7. We post signs throughout the store that encourage social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing.

  8. We sanitize pens before customers sign receipts and we routinely sanitize surfaces in high traffic areas.

  9. We accept returns, but hold them for a three day quarantine before placing them back on the sales floor.

  10. We limit the number of people inside the store to 10 per department.

  11. We wear a mask to protect you.  Please show us and others around the same courtesy by wearing one while you shop with us at Beaver Sports.

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