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Poagies–  How They Work

Poagies were designed for the Alaska market.  Biking in subarctic conditions requires special gear such as different lubrication, tires, and Poagies.  Biking with heavy mittens is awkward  but with Poagies you can bike in winter and have warm hands.

As the air temperature cools, you need more protection for your hands.  Usually this means wearing a pair of gloves, then 2 pair of gloves, followed by mittens and still your hands get cold. This happens because with each layer, you are actually impairing blood circulation to your hands. The layers fill up the space between your fingers so they can’t keep each other warm.  There is the added problem of a loss of dexterity with each layer you put on.

Poagies work like a sleeping bag does.  It creates an envelope of warmer air around your hands without compromising circulation.  With Poagies, you can ride in most winter conditions without bulking up your hands.  The adjustable gussets ensure  a wide range of comfort from warmer days to the colder by changing how much air is allowed in or out depending on conditions and how hard the rider is working.

The Poagies are made to fit the standard straight handlebar type.  They are not made to fit multi layer handlebars.   Because the hands are totally enclosed in the Poagies, it would be difficult to switch back and forth for different handholds.  The Poagies are also small enough inside to easily hold in body heat from the hands while they are inside.

If you have a standard handlebar, or you will switch to one, then Poagies will be a great benefit to your cold weather biking experience.  They are warm, streamlined, and attractive.

The Poagies have a flexible, lightweight internal skeleton that holds its shape.  They are made with a durable nylon shell  and have a polyester insulation with a durable nylon taffeta lining.  There are adjustable gussets to keep out drafts or let air independing on conditions. They have two attachment points to the handlebars  and can be installed or taken off in just a few seconds.

Bike Poagies

Bike Poagies are good for most winter riding conditions and are the most popular.  They work well in temperatures down to about –15F. They contain a lightweight prequilted polyester insulation.  They are lightweight and meet the needs of most winter bikers.

Poagies Plus

Poagies  Plus have the same great design as the Bike Poagies except they feature a premium high loft insulation inside.  The insulation is long fiber type so it is very durable and warm.  Poagies Plus are for extreme cold riding, and will not work well for above zero temperatures, as they would be too warm.  If you do a lot of riding in temps below –15F, then this would be the kind of Poagie you would need.  Poagies Plus have all the same great features as the Bike Poagies

Reflective Trim

Reflective Trim is also available for both kinds of Poagies.  The trim is made of fabric that looks black or very dark gray in daylight, but lights up at night when headlights shine on it. This option is great for added visibility.

Dimensions for both Bike and Poagies Plus types.

The current color selection is:

Royal Blue
Neon Green
Hot Pink
Safety Orange
Electric Watermelon
Forest Green
Light Gray
Kelly Green
Chocolate Brown
Olive Green
All Black

Dogwood Designs Poagies are all made in Alaska, and are a product of the U.S.A.

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