You can’t very well do your beaver sports naked.  (Well, maybe you can, but work with us, here.)  So we have clothing!  From the skimpiest base layers to the warmest, burliest insulated pants and parkas you can buy.  Beaver Sports can outfit you head to toe for all our sports, as well as your casual and work pursuits.

We can show you what a good layering system will do to keep you warm or cool, dry, and comfortable in all conditions.  And we’ll point out the technical garment features that make a particular piece perfect for your sport.

Cycling?  Look for longer arms and tails to keep you covered when crouched in an aero position over your handlebars.

Backpacking?  Go for flatlock seams at the waistband and shoulders that won’t chafe under your hipbelt and straps.

Climbing?  A shorter jacket and high pockets will keep you covered and your stuff accessible while not interfering with your harness and belay point.

XC Skiing?  Keep your front side insulated and windproof, while your back side is free to breathe from exertion.

Snowboarding?  Portholes funnel your tunes to your ears without having to leave zippers open and chill you, while built-in D-rings, keep your lift ticket securely fastened and visible.

Paddling?  Low-bulk synthetic fabrics will keep you toasty at your lunch stop, even if things got a little splashy on the river.

Running?  Neon-bright colors keep you visible, and little hemline or waistband pockets keep your carbs handy without weighing you down.

If you are or want to be proficient in any sport, you’ll be happy to know features like these go a long way towards keeping you comfortable and unhindered while you indulge in whatever fun you choose.  Talk with our friendly consultants at Beaver Sports.  We love the same sports you do, and we’ll be happy to outfit you properly for all of them.


Want to keep it casual?

Most of our top brands also offer casual lines of clothing.  We know sports are part of your whole life, and you can’t necessarily draw a fine line when you go to work or out with friends, so we offer non-technical pieces from great brands as well.  They bring the sporty vibe over to tops and bottoms and accessories that can work at the office or out on the town, too.  We’ll still help you with fit, and we’ve been known to offer an opinion or two on which colors and styles look best on YOU!  Come see us for clothing of any kind.  Men’s, women’s, infants’ and children’s sizes.