Beaver Sports, a member of the Fairbanks Community since 1972, is your source for the great outdoors:  clothing and gear for the outdoor action sports you love, as well as where to go and what to do.

Our commitment to Fairbanks runs deep: sponsoring local athletes and races, creating educational and fun events that help keep folks active in the great outdoors, supporting local non-profits in their missions to keep our community vibrant and our citizens well cared for.

For the Alaska resident or the intrepid vacationer, Beaver Sports is a Fairbanks tradition. When visiting our beautiful Golden Heart City, sometimes you just need “stuff.” Whether you are a tourist here to see the Northern Lights, a sportsman on the hunt of a lifetime, or an athlete looking to take things to the next extreme, we have the clothing and equipment to make your activities comfortable and enjoyable. Even if you remembered to bring every single little thing from home (AND got it successfully on the plane through TSA), a stop here at the store is worth it. We have unique brands and colors you won’t find anywhere else, in true Fairbanksan style. We stock the burliest cold-weather technical gear you usually can’t even get in the lower 48. And we live here! We know the climate. We play outside. We’re active in our vibrant community. We know where to send you for the best hiking, skiing, borealis viewing, racing, scenic photography, you name it. And we have rental equipment if you’d like to sample a little bit of the fun. We’ll get you outfitted properly to enjoy whatever you’re here to experience!