Epic Adventures — Beaver Style

Fairbanks simply attracts adventurers. Really no one can argue that. Here at Beaver Sports, we meet our fair share of them—long-distance cyclists, arctic expedition skiers, mountaineers—they find their way to our store, and we welcome them with open arms!

Read their stories here. Link to their web pages for more seat-of-your-pants adventuring. And if you ARE the story, stop in and see us. Say hello. Tell us about your quest. Get linked right here for more followers. And enjoy your celebrity moment here at the best sports store in Fairbanks! Did we mention we love epic visitors?!


DeBruyn Joubert, originally from South Africa, has made Fairbanks his winter home base, mid-adventure on his attempt to be the first individual to cycle “around7continents”.   His layover here in Fairbanks marks roughly the midpoint of his journey–he’s so far completed 4 of the 7, and has wisely chosen to tune up here in preparation for facing the desolate winter conditions of Antarctica!  Safe travels, DeBruyn, and enjoy your stay in the Golden Heart City.

We were happy to meet Angelo on his epic trip. He visited our city and store in August 2015. Follow Angelo Wilkie-Page in his endeavor to travel around the globe. Beaver Sports was pleased to help him equip his journey. Good luck, friend.

Radu visited our store on August 26th 2015. May your trip be a success. Click through for more information on Radu’s Cycle the Americas bike trip. We wish you safe travels.